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    • celia nieto giraldo

      Crocodile eye Without them, our world would be dark, finding our way around would be much harder, and we would miss out on an incalculable amount of beauty – beauty like the incredible and natural artistry of an animal's eye, as depicted in this series of photographs by Suren Manvelyan.

    • Nancy Lindsey/Burris

      : animal eyes, eyes, macro photography, Photography, Suren Manvelyan

    • re lol ver

      Eye to Eye With the Beast

    • Sharon Turner

      Animal Eye Closeups: You Can See Their Souls - Caiman (sort of small alligator thing)

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    This is the Right eye of a Husky dog, check this work too. "Animal eyes" by Suren Manvelyan, via Behance

    Série do fotógrafo armênio Suren Manvelyan, cliques de olhos de animais.

    Here’s a stunning example of sectoral heterochromia iridum (or a dual toned iris) in a husky dog. The reflective quality of the bronze and azure colors make this striking eye look like it could almost be a piece of lacquered jewelry. Siberian huskies are one breed of dog that can have this coloration, which is also called being ‘parti-eyed’. Like many things of beauty, it's pretty rare in nature.

    Tiger python (not albino) #eye #close-up by Suren Manvelyan

    Macro shot of a fish eye. Makes you understand the "fish eye lens!"—A.T.

    Notice there's still a gold ring around the center? If the last photograph made us think of heat and fire then this one brings to mind the cool depths of the sea. Interestingly, blue eyes are becoming increasingly less common in the United States. If you're a blue-eyed Estonian, on the other hand, you have the same eye coloring as 99% of the population there.

    Animal Eyes Close Up | Animal Eyes, Up Close and Personal (Slideshow) : TreeHugger

    Your eye in macro photography | allhomosapienswelcome Slightly creepy, but amazing.

    I really like the amount of detail and clarity in this photo. This photo is however a macro not a close-up photograph. There is not a lot of depth of field but the photo is well exposed and as mentioned before, has great clarity. I will try to capture photos with as high a clarity as I can achieve.

    The eye don't lie?! The smooth green snake (Opheodrys vernalis) is a nonvenomous North American colubrid. It is also referred to as the grass snake. (6/2/2013) Reptiles: Snakes (CTS)