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Okay, ignoring the fact that they're mixing comicverses, THIS IS FANTABULOUS and I want it for my birthday!!!!

Super Hero Cake. If someone made me this for my birthday I'd love them forever. Except it would have to be Thor and Captain America of course...

Just pick a hero and go with it

Super heroes Cake - this would be Oliver's favorite because it has his favorite Super Hero.... IRON MAN!

Indian Weddings Inspirations. Purple Wedding Cake. Repinned by #indianweddingsmag indianweddingsmag...

Doug wants this as his groom cake but with halo on the bottom , spider man in the middle and the packers on top lol :)

It's official! Cohen will have a superhero themed party for his 3rd bday! he is totally obsessed with spider man, iron man and batman! and maybe by then superman!

This is my 14th birthday cake! i want to take this picture to carlos bakery and have him make it for me :)

With this pic as insiration i thought of doing the following: Find a SuperHero figure in the web, print it in cardboard paper (so it can be thick) and place it on top of the kid's cake!

Big no-no mixing DC and Marvel (props to my children for my comic knowledge) but this is a great b-day idea for Julian, probably an Avenger's cake. Super Hero Cake By: CakeCrazyShannon Strawberry, vanilla chocolate chip and chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. Rice crispy and fondant hulk hand.