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I've always wanted this word where my shoulders meets my neck... Still do, to remind myself that everything will be okay if I just keep breathing.

Ankle tattoo, Not a big fan of tattoos especially full body tattoos that cover up the whole arms, legs, etc, but this one looks nice, it's small & subtle

Thinking of Inking? Not planning on getting a tattoo anytime soon.. But if I ever do go there, this will be helpful

There is no story behind this tattoo, i just liked it and i liked that Mike Rhodes could fit it on my thumb.

If I was a tattoo artist and someone asked for this, they would get a swift punch in the jaw. So symmetrical! Very well done though!

I'm usually a grey-scale girl, but the use of color on this one makes it so much better.

Tree Tattoo I think this would be an awesome upper arm piece. It would go nicely with my bird tattoo.

Image result for footprint infinity tattoo with names

James Jean tattoo - i adore this painting - & as a tattoo, ooooh! its love.