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    Enough of the God damn duck face! you look like an idiot!

    • Lisa Hill

      Girls who use so much makeup to make yourself tan. You look like you just got gang-banged by the Doritos Company.

    • Julie Nixon

      duck face pose - it's not cute and it's not's dumb! Why yes keep it's flattering in your not so "duck lips". LOL

    • Ashley ;)

      Thanks for your daily duck face car pictures, girls. You once again give me something to laugh about

    • Wrapcandy

      Duck Face Selfies are *NOT cute... Signed Men Everywhere. Friends don't let friends post Duck Face Photos.

    • Victoria Simpson

      DUCK face = immediate fail and automatically makes you the leader of the losers.

    • Caroline Burton

      Duck face fail reminds me of someone i know, britta understands

    • Amy Courtway

      did someone say Duck Face? @Sarah Pickett @Amber McCourtney lol

    • Amy Tolos

      Please. Stop the DUCK FACE poses. It's dumb. Spread the word...

    • Nicole Passante

      #DuckFace #fail! OMG... Click for all pictures

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