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Little red riding hood in the forest

A device described as the ‘mother of all Swiss Army knives’ has gone on display, which features more than 100 tools - including a gun. The incredible multi-tool boasts everything from a piano tuner to a .22-caliber revolver. Owned by the Smithsonian Institution and on display at the Buffalo Bill Centre of the West in Wyoming, USA, the ‘handy pocket knife’ is just the tool for the typical 19th century gentleman.

Floating cloud couch that uses magnets... ;-)

Amazing paper art by Peter Callesen

Playing with the moon

Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran carves intricate artworks out of leaves. He meticulously cleans, dries, and then cuts away leaf segments to reveal beautiful images and patterns.

Insanely cool kitchen knives designed with the Fibonacci sequence.

sod sofa

traditionallymode... carved pencils

Garden chair

This is a couch. A couch from space.


vertical gardens

Wee gardens...

this is awesome

fantasy miniatures...this stuff is really cool.

old stuff is cool

cool stuff


cool cool cool