Eva Cassidy - God Bless The Child (solo) Eva sang songs that spoke to her.  If they didn't, she didn't waste time on them.  Her life on her terms.

Eva Cassidy - God Bless The Child (solo) Eva Cassidy's cover of "God Bless The Child" (originally performed by Billie Holiday) from Eva's album "American Tune" Another version is on her album with Chuck Brown, "The Other Side".

My favorite version of "Over the Rainbow" by the late Eva Cassidy.  Beautifully performed as a ballad.

Eva Cassidy - Over The Rainbow. Restored footage of Eva Cassidy performing Over The Rainbow. The performance took place at the Blues Alley jazz supper club in Georgetown, DC on January .

▶ The Eva Cassidy Story - a BBC Production - YouTube

The Eva Cassidy Story - a BBC Production*** Gone but not forgetting this beautiful musician.

Eva Cassidy...

Eva Cassidy - "Early One Morning", on the album "Somewhere", released in posthumously 12 years after her death.

Eva Cassidy...learned about her music in a novel I read...her voice makes me happy  and calm *sigh*

This beautiful song by "Eva Cassidy" was released i believe in and was on her albums "Wonderful world" and "American Tune" What a singer she was an.