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I admire this man! Lion Whisperer, Kevin Richardson.

This would totally be me. I once had a weird connection with a hyena at a zoo. Sounds odd but trust me, it happened. One of my favorite memories

I would risk my life to force a hug on a lion, lol I don't care if it try's to bite me, I would just grab and never let go lol

Found this website, Kevin Richardson-The Lion Whisperer. I have to meet this guy and maybe he would let me touch a lion.

The Lion Whisperer. Click to view more about this man and his amazing connection to these wild animals! littlecritterzblo...

Meet Kevin Richardson: The Lion Whisperer - My Modern Metropolis

Kevin Richardson... A most inspiring man. His love of wildlife is something unfortunately missing from most human hearts nowadays.

Kevin Richardson...the lion whisperer

7 photos Kevin Richardson - Lion Whisperer

Yes, dimensions exist and they are layered. They are also not a hierarchy. Just because we here might be 3D doesn't mean someone who is 4D or 6D or 12D is better than us. They might have more personal power, will almost certainly be older than our current body, and maybe have retained a bit of wisdom from memories that are denied us... but they are not better than us. -Tanaath