Andreas Gursky photographer...quite a few on this page that I love..

Andreas Gursky -- New York Magazine Art Review. His amazing picture of a convenience store brimming with goods, 99 Cent II, Diptych (2001), which recently became the most expensive photo in history when it was auctioned for over 3 million

American Woolen Co. bourke-white 1935

- andreas gursky -

Andreas Gursky

Bucharest by Flip Bogdan #Photography street, snapshot

Andreas Gursky photo of Bahrain.

by Andreas Gursky This shows the disorder of the crowds in a football game I believe this captures the spirit of a crowded football match.

1929: Field of children, Germany Chris Wild

ANIMAL DANCES of the Ragtime Era in action! “The Centipede” performed by dancers in Brussels, 1929

I loved these bouncy balls! Not in the street where there are cars, uhm, OBVI - but nothing was ever more fun than these. Can I please get a new one?

Tool Trader II by Meanest Indian, via Flickr

Here's a sobering factoid for you: "It is estimated that nearly 75% of the processed foods found in your local grocery store contain corn, soybean or canola ingredients..."

The Journey of Life — Italy, Apulia, Peschici 2008

Andreas Gursky

The movement. Extended Shutter. Absolutely want to try this.

Namaz Jom'e - Iranian women perform their Friday prayer at the Imam mosque in the city of Isfahan. Photo: Vahid Salemi