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ANDREAS GURSKY #AndreasGursky #photography

Andreas Gursky. This image captures the amount of people that work in factories even though you dont see them. There is vivid pink throughout this picture

Friday - I made stuff - but not woolens. American Woolen Co. bourke-white 1935


by Andreas Gursky This shows the the crowd in a football game I believe this captures the spirit of a crowded football match.

Andreas Gursky Bahrain I 2005 C-print mounted on plexiglas in artist's frame 118 7/8 x 86 1/2 inches; 302 x 220 cm

ANIMAL DANCES of the Ragtime Era in action! “The Centipede” performed by dancers in Brussels, 1929

Bucharest by Flip Bogdan #Photography street, snapshot

arne jacobsen series 7 chairs

Andreas Gursky

roller coaster

Tool Trader II by Meanest Indian, via Flickr

Carlos Serrao

Photo by Gjon Mili, 1948. Ice skaters gained new territory in 1879, when an artificially frozen rink opened in New York City. The picture above are Skaters of Hollywood Ice Revue at Madison Square Garden.

But to be young was very heaven, Katrin Korfmann

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ANDREAS GURSKY #photography

Story Title: An Unlikely Friendship ** Lesson link (Photo source link provided below)