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The Shirk Report – Volume 212 «TwistedSifter

"Hi, are you having a good day? Life is good at the zoo."

Holy, this micro goat is chic! Gorgeous patterning and ridiculously cute.

500px / Photo "Cuddle Me ....." by Russ Ellis. Or could be called, I love ya kid!

Goats: more human than is comfortable

This sloth is smiling because he's been playing hide and seek for two weeks and you just found him!

This is me at that moment when someone walks in the door when I’m having some delicious tacos and they drop some big announcement like “I’m getting a sex change!” or “I’m buying 4 more cats!” or “I found an alien corpse in my closet!” and while I want to address it, I’m hoping it’s not rude to keep eating. Because I’m going to keep eating.

"Yeah, you know, Skrillex and I go way back." | 25 Animals That Are Incredibly Proud Of Themselves

Cat gives birth to litter before adopting baby squirrel. How sweet! And mama is so pretty!