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  • Tracey Meara

    cute animal pictures - Google Search

  • Suzi Holler

    At the click-through, there are (presently) 58 memes from this photo (most pretty funny!), but I'm seeing the photo all over the place labeled seriously as "unlikely animal friendships." I'm not sure these species even inhabit the same ecological niche, but it doesn't matter, as the original photo is here ( and it has no hitchhikers.

  • Susan Belsher

    cute animals - animals Photo

  • Hikari Fujimoto

    In this image, I replaced the deer's horn with tree branches. I used techniques such as quick selection tool, spot healing brush tool, and made adjustment in brightness and contrast and color balance. The most difficult thing was fixing the background because I needed to erase the original horn and fill in the gap made from erasing. It took time erasing the original background of the branches too. I think this image is one of the work I put the most tie into.

  • Kaitlin Olivia

    Elk antler accssories!

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