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  • Priscilla Tennant

    i just cannot even get enough. #hippiercing

  • Jocelyn Kramer

    I HAVE TO get my belly button redone! | #piercings #belly #button #left #side #hip #dermals #bikini

  • Nikita Marie

    Hip dermals and belly piercing.

  • Annah Hill

    omg. her belly ring looks like its fixing to fall through. belly button, check. hip piercing, thomas wouldn't go for that. :(

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this is what I wanna do the day I turn 18 lol i love tongue piercings there so cute

Where do I start with this? I think expressing oneself is great...WTF is all that coming out of her belly button? Clean it out...there's a peacock stuck in there. A simple something can be nice but your belly button should not become a cornucopia for crap that comes from Claire's.

want to get my belly done for the second time and get the dermals. I have went to three different places and all talked me out of it becuase they don't think it should be done due to the fact of high rate of your body rejecting the pierching, and easily ripped out; with that being said, I still love it and want to rock it some day

cute belly-button rings! Well it was (my style) when I was younger & my tummy was flatter

Belly button and hip piercings... If I was skinny I would defiently do this.. Cute

After dropping these final 10 lbs I AM getting my belly button pierced and I WILL be getting this! To freaking cute! #tiny motivation