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Vintage Mugshots from 1920s Australia. Sydney Skukerman, or Skukarman – September 25, 1924. An entry in the Supplement to the NSW Police Gazette Sydney for Skukerman, (alias Kukarman, alias Cecil Landan) is captioned ‘obtains goods from warehousemen by falsely representing that he is in business’.

Blanche Barrow weighed just 81 pounds when arrest. She served the remaining 1930's in prison. She was pernamently blinded in one eye. After prison she worked several jobs including caring for her father, a taxi dispatcher and a beautician. She died of cancer in 1988.

"Don't be afraid." That's what Ruby Bridges's mother told her on November 4, 1960. Little Ruby listened carefully to the advice. Soon, four United States federal court marshals, or officers, arrived at the Bridges family home in New Orleans, La., to drive the first grader to William Frantz Public School. A screaming mob was waiting. People stood near the building shouting. Ruby held her head high. With the marshals surrounding her, the 6-year-old walked into the school and into history

Notorious transvestites who scandalised London in 1870, Fanny & Stella. The day after their arrest, the ladies arrived sensationally at Bow Street magistrates court where nearly 1,000 people gathered to watch them be taken inside. The two men spent 4 months in jail awaiting trial, and if convicted, their sentence would be between 10 years and life in prison. But despite the fact that their apartment had been under surveillance for a year, the prosecution case was weak and the men were…

Orli Wald was a member of the German Resistance in Nazi Germany. She was arrested in 1936 and charged with high treason, whereupon she served four and a half years in a women's prison, followed by "protective custody" in Nazi concentration camps until 1945, when she escaped. She was a prisoner functionary in the infirmary at Auschwitz-Birkenau and because of her helpfulness to Jewish and other prisoners, was called the "Angel of Auschwitz".

Lucy Stone - determined that men were reading the Bible in a way to suppress women, she worked her way through school to learn Greek and Latin to prove them wrong. Kept her last name, chopped her hair off, scandalously wore precursors to pants, was kicked out of church for arguing that women had the right to own property and to be able to divorce abusive alcoholic husbands. Considered a true radical for her time, she spoke in public frequently and headed multiple prominent womens…

In 1998, 14 yr old Josh Phillips murdered his neighbor, 8 year old Maddie Clifton. He said he had accidentally hit her in the head with a baseball while playing. He panicked, took her to his room and beat and stabbed her to death. His mother found Maddie's body under her son's waterbed a week later and called the police. He was convicted of the first degree murder, and sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole.

Eugenia Falleni, alias Harry Crawford, 16 August 1928. Convicted of murder. Eugenia Falleni spent most of her life masquerading as a man. In 1913 Falleni married a widow, Annie Birkett, whom she later murdered. The case whipped the public into a frenzy as they clamoured for details of the ‘man-woman’ murderer. Aged approximately 43. Sydney, Australia.

Little Dutch girls escort American soldiers to a dance, 1944

In 1971, in Indiana, Carl Brandt at age 13 was sent to the mental institution after he murdered his pregnant mother and wounded his father. He was released a year later. In 2004, in Florida, he murdered his wife and murdered and dismembered his niece. He hanged himself the same day. Florida suspects Brandt is responsible for two other murders.

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44 Facts About United States Presidents That Will Blow Your Mind

44 Facts About United States Presidents That Will Blow Your Mind (I've more or less liked Calvin Coolidge since fifth grade, and it's just been further confirmed. :))

In Texas on an early moring in 2008 two young men burst into a house and killed two children and the mother. The father was shot multiple times but survived. The house was then set on fire. The daughter, 16 year old Erin Caffey was involved. She was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 25 years. The family disapproved of her boyfriend. She now gives talks about getting involved with the wrong crowd.

American Bison skulls awaiting shipment, incredible and sad. Gen. Phil Sheridan aided the professional hunters, trespassing on Indian land, who killed over 4 million bison by 1874, and Sheridan applauded: "Let them kill, skin and sell until the buffalo is exterminated". His goal was to starve the Plains tribes into submission.

Mary Bell, 11-Year-Old Serial Killer, Scotswood, England, 1968 - Murdered Martin Brown (age 4) on May 25, 1968 and Brian Howe (age 3) on July 31, 1968. Her best friend Norma Bell, 13, (not related) took part in the 2nd murder. Mary attempted many murders besides those. Quotes: “I like hurting people.” - “Brian Howe had no mother, so he won’t be missed.” - “Murder isn’t that bad, we all die sometime anyway.” (Click on picture for more details)

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9 Facts About Coca-Cola's History That'll Make You Go "Whoa"

Cocaine was removed from the drink in 1903. | 9 Facts About Coca-Cola’s History That’ll Make You Go "Whoa"