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Why do stupid things like this make me laugh so!? haha

This makes me laugh because when I was little (and now, kind of), I used to believe in creatures that would come after you only if you saw them. So, it was actually best to keep your back turned.

This would be amazing... "Tangled" was originally supposed to look like an oil painting come to life. I love that movie, but it still upsets me to know that it could have been something so unique.

OHMYGOD we have this argument multiple times a week. If I say "hold on" and you see that I am writing something, DO NOT CONTINUE TO ASK ME TO STOP AND/OR COMPLAIN THAT *I* ALWAYS DO "THIS" TO *YOU*, SO THAT YOU CAN TELL OR ASK ME YOUR STUPID THINGS!!!! I feel better now.

the best things in the world ♥ 1.cold Chinese food 2. Girls night in 3. Singing in the car all by yourself 4. Coming home to a happy dog 5. Napping under an umbrella at the beach 6. Laughing so hard you cry 7. The feeling you get when you give a really good gift 8. Lazy Sundays 9. Returning home after a long t rip 10. Conquering a fear

#176 The world in my head is just too awesome to ignore. Submitted by thatgirlinthebatmanshirt

Whenever someone asks why I write. I have a long answer, but I'd rather just say this.

I don't know if I'm just tired or if this stuff is actually funny because I cannot stop laughing

you are an adventure story•*¨*•¸.♪♥♫♥♫♥MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS & WISHES COME TRUE! :) .♪♥♫♥♫♥.•*¨*•¸HUGS N GIGGLES N MANY BLESSINGS.♪♥♫♥♫♥.•*¨*•

I don't always see people I know in public, but when I do, I pretend I don't

INCIDENTAL COMICS: Styles of Writing. I use persuasive writing for starting NaNoWriMo most of the time XD