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    "There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are." W. Somerset Maugham, author of "The Razor's Edge"

    “I only write when I’m inspired. And I see to it that I’m inspired every morning at 9 a.m.” W. Somerset Maugham

    E.B. White writing in his boathouse

    Portraits of Writers at Work

    William Faulkner

    William Somerset Maugham. 1944:


    Mark Twain

    "Henry David Thoreau: Intent on simple living, Thoreau furnished his 10'x15' home with only the necessary basics - a bed, a table, a desk, and three chairs" ~ More from 'Literary Style: 15 Writers' Bedrooms' @ www.apartmentther... ~ love the simplicity and light of this one :)

    Sylvia Plath. | 16 Wonderful Photos Of Women Writers AtWork

    Somerset Maugham

    “I love to write and I assure you I write regularly … But I write for myself, for my own pleasure. And I want to be left alone to do it.” J.D. Salinger was an American author. He last published an original work in 1965, and gave his last interview in 1980. Photo of Salinger reading from his novel “The Catcher in the Rye” (San Diego Historical Society)

    Herman Melville

    Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie

    T. S. Eliot

    Rudyard Kipling. 1895.

    Jack London

    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860-1904): Russian author and playwright, 1887.

    Franz Kafka

    Anton Chekhov, photographed by his brother Alexander in 1891.