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    If this is wrong I don't wanna be right

    nerd girl problems

    I have separation anxiety from my books.

    Nerd Girl Problem

    Nerd Girl Problems

    Nerd Girl Problems

    Nerd Girl Problems


    Nerd Girl Problems

    Book Lover & Proud

    Nerd Girl Problems


    Or when you're reading an obscure title and you don't want to tell anyone the title because they'll ask you more questions. It's a never ending struggle, really

    Being tired when you wake up from reading until 2 am, not partying until 2 am.

    This is true. Especially if you've never ventured into 'The Losers' fandom. Those people are genius writers and have made me cry more often then any book. Crazy awesome writers.

    seriously tho

    Nerd Girl Problem #390 -- yes, it is a problem :[[

    Nerd Girl Problems


    I loved this book....his poetry was honest in a sick, but honest way!

    Nerd Girl Problem 113