If this is wrong I don't wanna be right

Nerd Girl Problems

Nerd Girl Problems

So true

Nerd Girl Problem #45: Having to put a great book down to do things like sleep or eat.

Nerd Girl Problems

I have separation anxiety from my books.

:) Nerds - errrr, intellectual badasses - of the world unite. :) #quotes #nerds #geeks #humour

try 4 am ;)

Books Make Me Happy HAHA, FUNNY!

Nerd girls problems.

Nerd Girl Problems

Nerd Girl Problem #386

Nerd girl problems

Nerd Girl Problems

Real nerd girl problem: has more books than shoes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So true, 4 pairs of shoes, full bookshelf


Im not a book worm but I am a mommy and I will now never ask another book lover to name a fav book!!! :)

This is more of a plus than it is a problem.

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nerd girl problems