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  • Nicole Guthridge

    one of the VERY FEW Nicholas Sparks books that are worth reading

  • Jules

    The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks is my favorite book. I really wish that it can be made into a movie soon!!

  • Chez Sanchez

    The Guardian - Nicholas Sparks. Crazy good book. Starts slow, then makes a 360 turn

  • Renee J

    The Guardian -- Nicholas Sparks my favorite Nicholas Sparks book

  • Jennifer Penna

    My favorite book... Books Worth Reading

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For those of you who think Nicholas Sparks' books are the same, you're wrong. This one has some suspense in it, and really reminds you to not always let your past control who you love today. :)

Dear John...this book will break your heart.

A great book to read for leisure time. While its first half--The Notebook--is highly romantic from the start, Sparks creates its perfect half--the love story that depicts a marriage that is falling downhill and needs rebuilding. Readers are spoken to by the husband who admits, maybe too late, that he needs to learn how to *do* and not just *say*.

  • abby goggins

    This is up there in my fav list of nick sparks novels...great read!

I read this book in a few days! So good! Now hopefully I can get Dan to take me to it

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks :: Again, not my typical read, but I think the ~ghost story~ aspect is what drew me in. Great book!

  • Sarah -TattooTink8098

    I see you have two of his books posted, but I highly recommend a lot of his books!! Check out the follow-up to this one: At First Sight.

  • Emily Martinac

    Agreed. Read At First Sight, and The Lucky One because that movie comes out on 4/20.

The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks- my FAVORITE Nicholas Sparks book. I think I'll go read it again for the 100th time....

Read this book a year or so back even though I've seen the movie a long time ago. Just like The Last Song, I was able to recall Kevin Costner's character weaved through his sorrows and joy. I bawled towards the end eventhough I knew what was coming.

  • Sharon Poteet

    wasn't Richard Gere, it was Kevin Costner

  • Liz Chong-Hope

    haha..i did picture Kevin but I dont know why I typed Richard Gere... :P thanks Sharon

  • Vangie Colarossi

    I have a question about this book, my dad wants to get it for my sister for Christmas, but he was curious as to if there is anything that is sexual/inappropriate for some ages?

  • Sharon Poteet

    I don't think there is Lanee

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GREAT BOOK! The Guardian starts with Julie Barenson receiving a Great Dane pup that her husband arranged to arrive on Christmas Eve before he died of a brain tumor. New men enter Julie's life, and the dog helps her determine who is worthy of her affection.

I like the book and movie versions equally for their own take on this story, but this is definitely worth the read. A Walk To Remember.

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This is my most favorite book of all time. This is the book that puts into words my and my husbands relationship.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks - My second favorite Nicholas Sparks book. The movie was decent, but the book is so much better.