Mama sang... I used to have to sing this song to my daughter Ryleigh EVERY NIGHT !!! Love my baby girl!!

Without My Kids, Tomorrow wouldn't be worth the wait....12"X12" Wood Sign Subway Word Art by The Word Sister on Etsy, $30.00

You are my sunshine

My Sunshine <3

How Great Thou Art

You are my sunshine my only sunshine... 11.5 x 24 stencil

you are my sunshine

I will never get enough of this song. Love it. Love that I start singing it as soon as I see the words. Love that so many of us have stories around this song. Yes. :: (by Collins and on zulily today)


you are my sunshine

kindness -... This pretty much sums me up LOL

My grandmother used to sing this song to me and to my daughters. She taught it to my 2 oldest that got to meet her. They were going to sing it to her at her 80th birthday party last summer.... We miss you grandma. <3


Yes! Why don't people get this?


You are my sunshine

Wow..this is just beautiful! I know not everyone has them that bad! Sometimes I feel like a hideous beast when I look at my stomach and just seeing poems like these make me feel terrible for thinking that way!

My promise to my children

I LOVE YOU in the Morning, Hand Painted Wood Sign, Home Decor, Chalkboard Style on Etsy, $45.00

Loving memory