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Posterior pelvic tilt exercises (flat low back as opposed to anterior tilt AKA cheerleader/duck butt)

spinal stenosis | Spinal Stenosis:Spinal Stenosis: Animation and Overview

I have congenital and injury stenosis in the cervical and lumbar spine. I also have a benign lumbar spinal tumor. There are 12 ruptured/herniated discs in my lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. I have been having bad head pain and blacking out because i have a compressed spinal cord. I often wonder where its being squished the most.

Spinal stenosis with bulging discs and arthritis ~ since 2012 This situation as been increasingly getting worse, I am having to use a wheelchair to get around to relieve much of the pain, and with the pain my fibromyalgia is triggered and adds 40% more pain to the mix

What Are Good Exercises for Someone Who Has Spinal Stenosis?

Home treatments for spinal stenosis (had no idea walking outside was a bad idea)