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How To Heat A Room Using Just Tea Lights & Flowerpots For $0.12 Per Day

This video is about testing if a CLAY POT using TEA LIGHTS will heat a room. This DOES work and it's perfect if you have a steady (or safe) spot in your tent if you need to warm it up on freezing cold LARPS with no power available. BAM.

By Thomas It's that time of the year when cold snaps cripple large swaths of the United States and those heating bills go up and up and up. But did you know

Call upon the power of the Goddess to aid you in your spiritual workings with this gorgeous handmade choker. These beads can be used to raise energy, for meditation, or for spell work. Measuring at about 15 inches around with a 4" extension chain, each bead is handmade from polymer clay and glazed for a durable shine.

I love this!!! Such a simple but relevant game for the art room when in between projects! I think I'll use this with my 5th graders, who have just finished making coil pots!

Leonardo Da Vinci Wooden Model Kits

A range of model timber kits inspired by the 15th century inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.Catapult - suitable for ages 8 and over. First invented in Ancient Greek and Roman times, Leonardo created this design around 1485, and used the spring-like energy stored in the tension of bent wood to give power to the spring arm. This model will fling a small clay ball over 4 metres. Trebuchet - suitable for ages 8 and over. Trebuchets were common siege engines in Medieval Times, but Leonardo's…

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