Stop holding on to what hurts. Let go. Take out your garbage, de-clutter your life, and make room for what feels good. Positive Affirmations: 10 De-Stressing Phrases That Help Put Life Into Perspective (PHOTOS)

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Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

"Life is a party, dress like it." Love this Audrey Hepburn inspired tray!

... but sometimes there is no other choice. It is the only way to solve a toxic relationship with a sociopath.

In the name of Saturn Direct

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One of my best supervisors said I didn't need to "explain myself," I could / should just explain the situation. 1.29.14

Letting go...

I absolutely love this quote!

Letting go

Love my nieces!

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Great list of quotes about moving forward, letting go of the past and moving on.

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