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  • Saprina Thomas

    Wives. Look over this ad carefully. Circle the items you want for Christmas. Show it to your husband. If he does not go to the store immediately, cry a little. Not a lot. Just a little. He'll go. He'll go. 26 Sexist Ads Of The Mad Men Era - Business Insider

  • Julie Rae Klingforth

    Nothing says good Christmas present like a toaster... I wonder when this ad was printed? I'd guess maybe in the 40s or 50s?

  • Rossie Metz

    Vintage ads Would 'love' matching garbage #funny commercial #funny ads #funny commercial ads #commercial ads

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Old Dormeyer Advert. You might just get away with this now, in an ironic sort of way...


I would soooo do this.

I reached perfection in middle school! :D


I am a GENIUS I tell you!

This is definitely in my future.

That's definitely how I remember it.



Yeah, that fits on some days.

Soooo painful!

Best dad ever.