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Vintage 1929 Bentley becomes the most expensive British-made car ever sold after going for £5m at auction

1929 Bentley 4 1/2 Liter (litre) Supercharged Racing. Won 1929 Irish Grand Prix, the Brookland’s Six Hour Race, and 1929 Tourist Trophy.

1926 Rickenbacker Super Sport Boattail Coupe - Eddie Rickenbacker was a flying ace in WW1 and in fact used his 94th fighter squadron emblem of a top hat in a ring on his cars. The cars produced under his name were made in Detroit from 1922-1928. This 4 passenger coupe with its vertical 8 engine was capable of 100 mph. After the company closed it's equipment was sold to Audi, a fact Rickenbacker lamented during WW2. Note this car's airplane radiator cap & copper plated fittings.

|| Desert Lily Vintage || 37 MG TA. In the `50's and `60's MGs still looked much like this. They may have been the last to retain this style. God bless them.