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Oh my gosh!  I SO do this!!  :D

That awkward moment when you have to alphabetize something, so you end up singing the alphabet song to get it right.

There is no cool way to chase a bouncing ping pong ball.

There's no cool way to chase a bouncing ping pong ball. Especially in beer pong


Forever having to wear shorts under my dresses because sitting ladylike is not one of my strong suits.hahaha when i wear dresses that is.

I swear Walmart does this on purpose cuz they're mad "People of Walmart" has been taken as a negative

Dear automatic flushing toilet, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I wasn't done yet.

That is true I mean I am the Historian of my student council and I did cheer I do swim I do read a lot so yeah

when i'm bored, nobody texts me. when i'm busy, i'm the most popular person on the planet. hahaha LOL SO TRUE!

I freaking hate that...do it all the time.  Why am I laughing so hard at this post????

LMAO It's happened to me! That awkward moment when you're walking down the stairs and think there's another step and you Hulk stomp the ground.