framing this.

#love #quotes I must admit my life isn't perfect but it's my life n to me I don't need perfection to have the best husband or children, because to me they will always be perfect!!!

I love you :)

the vow

We have been through it all and I thought HE was THE ONE that embodied this quote. Instead of being my best friend HE has chosen to be in the arms of a fat married HO NURSE who is member of casual sex clubs and all charges and all THEIR LIES about my character were dismissed. I will gladly be alone than to be LIED to, CHEATED ON, SENT TO JAIL because HE was too WEAK to say NO.

If that isn't true, I don't know what is.


bob marley

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Perfectly said.


Dear future lover,

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I love this saying. So true for so many special people in my life <3

Love <3

Guys need to learn that we really don't want someone "perfect" but just a guy who will try his to be as perfect as he can be because he loves us so much!!!❤️

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So beautiful!!