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Tard the Grumpy Cat, if I would ever want a cat-I'd want one like him!

Grumpy cat comes back from the vet

HA! Love 80s-era Boy George...add Grumpy Cat to the mix, and you have the perfect end to this rainy day.

One of the better captions I've seen

Oh Grump!!! My happiness is unmeasurable hahaha

Unless its the weekend and you are bringing me lunch, I agree with grumpy cat.

OK I have seen several different pins with this cat's funny wee face on it. I love cats and this one simply cracks me up. Had to repin

Thank GOD that the guy/girl, didn't deside to just throw a match in there to bbq, without looking!

Look at this Cat of the Day: Felines in Tights Are Sew in Right Now Well, I know what I'm doing tonite!