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    STOMP Portable Hospital Black Backpack Military Medical Kit - this is moer thanI can spend, but there's a very good list for a first aid pack on here.

    USMC IFAK-A1. Made in the USA : 7 x 7 x 3.5 inches. If the military uses them, so should you. Get 1 for each person in the party. 64oz.

    I like the organization of this kit

    7 More Awesome Medical/Tactical Bags!

    SHTF Medical Skill of the Day: Homemade Penicillin

    What You Need In First Aid Kits With A Printable Checklist. I have everything ready for you to check off or add to in your first aid kits.

    SpecOps.PL PRM-1 medical pack. -- Wow, I need to find more info on this pack!

    Prepper First Aid Kits -ANSI First aid kits, Dental Medic kit, pandemic kits and more

    Tactical Medical Solutions | Military - First Responder Kits - Patrol Aid Bag

    (Just Released!) "The MinutemanRx™ Extreme" Advance Tactical Stomp Medical Kit. These Are Awesome!!!!

    Complete Universal Surgical Kit $25.99

    The Waterproof Socks - These are the fleece-lined waterproof socks used by the U.S. Military that keep feet dry and warm down to temperatures as low as -30º F.

    Medical Bag

    Military eBay Get Your Ex Military Equipment & Vehicles Here

    Good Article: The 7 core areas of preparedness (Food, Water, Heat, Light, Sanitation, Medical, Safety) and The Rule of 3 - what this means is have 1 main & 2 backup methods of doing whatever needs to be done (a backup to your backup). Cooking, heating, lighting, and communications are all aspects that need backups of backups in case the primary method(s) are incapacitated.

    Best ruck I've owned. I really like my Gregory backpack, but this holds more gear and is much more durable. Plus the MOLLE webbing allows for expansion

    Jtech Gear City Ranger Tactical Combat Outdoor Biking Shoulder Backpack (CM) by Jtech Gear. $95.99. YKK fasteners. Cordura Hi-Strength Nylon. Teflon Protection. Water Repellent. The City Ranger Shoulder Pack is a horizontal single-sling backpack that holds many features for the typical outdoorsman or urban explorer. The sling allows for MOLLE and Alice clip attachments and buckles to the waist with quick detach YKK fasteners. The pack also has a waist buckle to ensure stability...

    Survival kit.

    5 gal bucket back pack! love this idea for a 72hr kit. waterproof, lid doubles as a seat and could easily be diy. even make a smaller version from a 2.5 gal for kiddos.

    Licensed USMC MARINES Spring Assisted Military Knives BLACK Tactical T

    Hazard 4® California Covert Escape RG™ Flashlight/Tools/Camera/GPS/Cycling Chest Pack - Military, Pro Photography, Hardcore Travel | Pouch/Fanny Pack, Travel Bag