Cannelloni w/ Spinach... no pasta. Awesome low carb meal! Could also try with egg roll wrappers

Food recipes: Creamy spinach enchiladas no carbs

Low Carb Crustless Spinach Quiche with Cheese Recipe

Spinach Cilantro Meatballs (grain free) - delicious. I accidentally added an extra egg. They turned out great so I might always add an extra egg so I don't mess them up! ;) The whole family liked these!

Boil slaw for 5-8 mins and voila! veggie noddles for low carb meals :)

Philly cheesesteak stuffed pepper . a low carb meal .

Cut the carbs with these 50 deliciously healthy low-carb meals! Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, we've got you covered!

27 Delicious Low-Carb Dinners To Make In A Slow Cooker from Buzzfeed (and thanks for including several of my favorites from Kalyns Kitchen!) #clean #recipe #healthy #recipes #eatclean

Introducing crackslaw, the low carb meal which is so addictive and good. Made with ground meat, veggies and various spices and seasonings, it is hard to believe this is a diet meal. Try it and you will be hooked.

Low Carb Cabbage Roll

Zucchini Weenies... Well, I guess if you are going for a low carb meal

No Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers - Since I'm a vegetarian, I'm substituted the meat with beefless beef (Trader Joe's) and used my own blend of seasoning for taste (Adobo con achiote, black pepper and garlic) - go easy on the cheese for a low-carb meal

Ripped Recipes - Pizza Chicken - How about a tasty low carb meal - Looks like pizza, tastes like pizza (on chicken)!

low carb pasta

Oopsie bread - A bread without carbs. OMG this is awesome. Make these and you won't crave bread. I've been eating these for over a week now instead of bread - it really works. I've lost 6 pounds in one week :) by eliminating carbs.

low-carb meals

Fried pickle roll ups! Egg Roll Wraps, Pickle Spears, Ham or Beef Slices, Cream Cheese - Heat some oil in a shallow pan, layer an egg roll wrap diagonally with a slice of ham, cream cheese and a pickle spear. roll as you would an egg roll (from the diagonal, tucking in the sides as you roll). Lay in pan, seam down then turning till cooked golden brown.

Lasagna Primavera, this is insanely Delicious!!!

Low carb! Yummy *make for my sister:)))

egg muffins. zero carbs. i have these for breakfast every morning. so easy and yummy!

I bet these would be awesome with some spinach and onions chopped up and mixed in!! Scrumptious!! LOW CARB RECIPE! Cheesy cauliflower,very easy recipe | beafrizball dot com