true story!


Since the 8th grade, my nickname had always been Tree because of my height. After a year or so this nickname started to become actually who I was, so I decided to get a tree on my side.The little guy to the left of me is my little brother who I love more than anything in the world. He is always trying to be like me, so when he saw the tattoo he begged and begged for on just like it. So I drew one on his side and told him it was a kids tattoo and that when he’s my age he can get a big boy tat...

true story

NEVER judge a book by it's cover!



I’m the hero of this story. I’don’t need to be saved.


true story!!


Giant squid tattoo


Alice in Wonderland

Cartel Ink Tattoos are a Girls Best Friend Tank love it!!!!!



True story