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Nadja à Paris (1964)


I'm very ugh and a bit sad and merrr, I'm upset. Upset is the word I'm looking for. but I'm so upset!

Yep! Like how she caused him so much debt!! Funny how they survived on his income for 3 years without filing bankruptcy, having the car house repoed - yet with BOTH of your incomes you couldn't manage!! p.s. She had 2 diffferent jobs while they were together!!

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I don't care..

fuck life :(

the simpsons yep Bart, sometimes.

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Me 100 percent of the time!

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Take the necessary risks to gain great strides in your life. #Inspirational #Quotes

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"I'm shutting my eyes tight so everything goes black": Jean Seberg in A bout de souffle


A bout de souffle