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It seems right now that all I’ve ever done in my life is making my way here to you.

*hug Lauren Neaves, Julie Grimmett, Kara Thiot, Sherry Neaves

THIS is why I love dogs. A golden retriever that didn't even belong to me -- because I've never had a golden retriever -- was once on a walk with its family around the lakes in Minneapolis. I was just sitting there. It took a step over and licked my ear. I don't know why. It just wanted to. That's why I love dogs.

Hug it Out- my parents would make me and my brother hug for what felt like forever to get over what ever we were fighting about

Isn't it interesting how after all these years we still show our love for one another by wrapping our arms around each other? Kinda cool :-)

Hugs were invented to let people know you love them without having to say anything.

love is... when you run up and hug him for no reason at all...

Hug It Out: The best way to squash beef.

I want a hug. But not just a normal hug. No. I want one of those pick-me-up-off-my-feet-squeeze-me-tight-spin-me-around-hurts-my-tummy-but-still-makes-me-smile-leaves-me-breathless-gives-me-butterflies-makes-me-giggle-stupidly kind of hug.

reminds me of the girls in basketball when they run an out of bounds play...

Puppy hugging is one of my favorite pastimes!