Camp Mom! 20 Activities to Make Summer Awesome for Everyone. Definitely doing this this summer!

what a fun take on the 'egg spoon race', perfect for an outdoor summer party :)

String a rope in your backyard... let the kids bring out a bedsheet & drape it over... weigh it down on the edges. Sprawl out a blanket... let them have their very own pincic & day play camp out!

Balloon Ping Pong..hours

Use pool noodles to make fun outdoor games for the kids.

Candy Medals for Family Game Night or any event

kid party games

Place a tarp under or at the bottom of slide, set up sprinkler to keep slide and tarp wet...hours of water fun!

milk jug ball catcher

Take a 2 liter soda bottle, poke holes in it. Attach to a garden hose. Toss over a tree branch and let hang for a kids water sprinkler. this is so cool



Use Your Noodle

DIY PVC Backyard Water Park -

75 Things to do with your kids.

games for kids

Summer fun. Grown ups will have fun too. A trip to the dollar tree is in store today.

Cover your trampoline springs with pool noodles!

Summer Toddler Activities

light sabers made out of pool noodles!

Goo .... it's alive! One of the coolest science experiments ever! Cornstarch and water mixture moves to sound so kids can visually experience sound waves. Love it!