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Why is there no guys this hot when I go to the beach?!?! I mean come on

Gonna need moisturizer by the looks of that weather....

Hot guy! Hot body!

baseball boys ...enough said

Hot guy #yummy #abs

now that... is attractive

True Blood !!

Holy Hotness!!!!

Hot Guy with Blue Eyes, I'll have that please :D

Hot Guy Sexy Man Handsome Gods God

I have no idea who this man is, but he has the hair of a member of a boy band, the facial hair of Johnny Depp, the body of an Olympian and the tattoos of Adam Levine. And it's attractive.

Sons Of Anarchy

Channing! Holy Cow!!!

tumblr_mkzoz0RRNY1s32mq1o1_500.jpg (450×650)

Matt Mendrun.. No clue who this guy is but OMG..

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Hot Hot Hot!!

hot shirtless guy sleeping.... and i got cut out of this picture....:(

Male Model Atesh Salih, Turkish father, German mother, face of Georgio Armani for men.