Layout idea

Dominant photo crosses the gutter. No trapped white space or text. Pulled blue color from pictures and used a different shade for background of module.

I Shoot People and Sometimes Cut Off Their Heads

I Shoot People and Sometimes Cut Off Their Heads

It's a violent business you're in. You go around regularly shooting people and sometimes you lop off their heads, arms or feet. Sometimes you even blow them up. The amazing thing is that people actual

[Pathways, Pinnacle High School, Phoenix, AZ] #yearbook- love the layout and the pictures on the eyeline and how they are in black and white!

cant really read what the bottom left module says but the "grow" thing would be funny if you did side by side picture comparisons of seniors from freshman through senior year, could do 4 pictures from each year or just 2 from freshman and senior

academics can be interesting!

First off "Math is Radical" is so punny and I love it. Also, this spread has a lot of fun mods and stories to tell.

// GOLD FOREVER, Snow Canyon High School, St. George [UT] #Jostens #LookBook2016 #Ybklove

i like the line from the dropcap but incorporate into headline? also ACD idea top left?