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Melted crayons art. This was easy and fun. I bought 3 small canvas' from Walmart for $4.00 and 4 boxes of crayons for $2. Glued on the crayons, put some scotch tape down for the "letters" I wanted and used the blow dryer to melt the crayons!

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How to make melted crayon art on canvas!

stressurefrom stressure

Friday is Art Day – Melting Crayon Art

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Different take on the Crayon melting DIY project

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DIY Multi Color Candle candle diy crafts craft crafty decor home ideas diy ideas DIY DIY home DIY decorations for the home diy candles easy diy easy crafts diy idea craft ideas

Curblyfrom Curbly

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These lamps are awesome and totally DIY-able.

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Crayon shavings or chunks in glass ornaments, heated up to melt and swirl. I definitely would prefer this over the acrylic paint that you have to drain after swirling, messing up the paint's effect so that it blends too much. This is a definite have-to this year!

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Crayon art using crayons and a hot glue gun

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Awesome crayon art

Babblefrom Babble

11 Rainy Day DIY Activities for Kids


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Crayon Art. this one is really cool

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Melting crayon canvas



Hair Dryer



The O'Jays

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Z and I are going to make this before G comes for sure. Should we do the bright rainbow or just the room colors? Or maybe both?

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DIY Chevron crayon art.

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hot glue gun on glass, then spray paint

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my absolute favorite melted crayon art that I made! #crayonart #disney #LionKing


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Use old crayons for DIY colorblocked candles