Hubby pinned this as "Pig USB hubs, Lester would love this" He knows me well!

Toaster USB Hub and Toast Flash Drives

Candy Heart Key Board


Cute USB Adapters That Look Like the Butts of Disney Characters I want pooh! Looks the the story where he gets stuck in the hole after eating too much honey. Lol!

Cat Buddy USB Hub

Mr. Tea Infuser

Kissing Octopus USB Flash Drive - So cute, and useful too.

Świetna świnka, która ułatwi biurowe życie :) #office #gadget #inspiration

Clé USB keys

Husband/Boyfriend pillow. hahhahahaah

Cool inventions

thumb drive...oh my

A 1960s Smith Corona typewriter is ready for the digital age thanks to a USB keyboard upgrade.

80s iphone Case, how funny! @Rich Cutter

okay im sorry for this--cool inventions

YES!!!! Best umbrella! Finally a water shield!!!

Tiny Instagram projector! This is awesome! Perfect gift for Mother's Day - use this discount code: FRIEND07TS |

separation anxiety. ... haha.. totally doing this

Eraser shavings, food crumbs, and whatever else there could be - USB Desk Vacuum cleaner