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I cry everytime someone comes up to thank Isaac, especially when its kids, its those moments that make all the struggles of an Army life worth it, and it will be the same with my baby brother! :) <---- aww

He's not just a man in a uniform. He's the love of my life, my future, my whole world. when they're complaining that they haven't seen their boyfriend/girlfriend in 2 days and you haven't seen yours in months.

This a great read, and unlike the whining soldier, the Marine never disparages the Army. He simply explains a Marine's thought. Marine Corps Tattoos | Marine Sergeant's response to Soldier's claim of Marine arrogance

I didn't love military life. But it is a testament to us and our relationship that we survived it, and his deployment.

I cant wait till he is finally home for good!!! I hate when he's away I feel like a part of me is missing :( I love you baby!!!!!

Shamefully thankful my Marine is a disabled vet. I'll never have to wait for you to come home and you'll never have to watch your babies grow via Skype.

So true after the 2 1/2 years we spent apart.