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My husband is notorious for baking after I go to sleep LOL If I'm still awake I naturally wait around for the first cookie ♥

Starting to make a serious bucket list! Life will pass you by if you let it! But I want to live it! I want to live every single day... not just live it but feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, and see it!

Bake every single thing in a cookbook

I might've done this already. This will probably soon be on my Life Accomplishments board. Update: I remember baking a whole pan of blondies sometime after I moved to Atlanta. So I definitely have baked something from scratch! Mmm, blondies ...

baked a spiced deviled food cake from scratch, july 2012 - edible but the taste was so intense that it was difficult to eat much of at a time without lots of vanilla ice cream to mellow the flavor

find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop

bake a pie from scratch (checked off 7/25/15 - I didn't make the bottom crust but it still counts!)

sounds weird...i just want to pour a whole thing of pop rocks in my mouth....

I don't personally like cake but to bake a rainbow cake would be absolutely cool! lol

DONE - (wasn't really baking but it was halfway! lol) I remember making batches of cookie dough late at night a number of times with my friends during sleepovers. SOOOO much fun!!! ♥

hobbit motels in new zealand- saaay whaaaat?? I'm gonna take all my nerdy friends to this and just like move in.