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Norwegian Favelas Voss photo collage (Norway), tablet-style During my stay in Norway I had a similar vision with my stay in Brazil about the colors and alignment colored houses from the norwegian mountains like Favelas in Brazil. of the houses in the mountains, but the weather was completely different, but these warm colors contrast very well with the snow.

Traditional costume for the bride in Voss in Norway

Voss Bridal Crown (Norway) though I have read the hair would normally be hanging loose to give a feel of balance

Telemark bunad - Norwegian folk costume. I love this one... the colors and embroideries are just perfect! I'm so sorry I'm not Norwegian! :-D

The bunad from Hardanger is a living tradition and has evolved from a folk costume. The different regions are indicated in the detailing on the costumes. This bunad has a green silk bodies and a black woolen skirt. The white apron has inlaid embroidery, which is known as Hardanger embroidery. - Hardanger Folkemuseum, (from 1911-) in Norway

Bunad traditional dress of Norway. (I could see my daughter in something like this. My kids paternal Grandfather is Norwegian.)

More bunads mixed with modern clothing. Very interesting.

The traditional costume of Norway is called “bunad.” There are about 200 different types, each one representing a different part of the country. The word “bunad” really covers two different types of dress: The first is the traditional garb of a particular location (some of which can be traced back a long, long time – the ones used today usually represent the “fanciest”, holiday version of the dress) and a sort of “party dress” developed in the early 1900s during Norwegian national romanticism.