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honeybon: as an adult I still idolize Eloise. I feel as if I can’t be a proper Darling until I conquer a hotel in the manner in which she conquered the New York Plaza !!

Eloise, otherwise known as me as a child minus the hotel plus an ice rink.

Eloise! I always wanted to be her, but not many people can write on the walls in lipstick and get away with it...

I used to read my mother's Eloise books before I really knew how to read... I would get up early in thee morning and wake my brother and "read" the stories to him over and over... Poor kid!

Hilary Knight: Eloise/one of my favorite illustrators...lived right in front of Roslyn Duck Pond (LI, NY) until he was 6.

#books #eloise Because I loved, loved, loved, loved living on the same street as Eloise! And, because children should always have fun, fun, fun and believe in adventures!

Eloise. All time favorite (thanks to my mother, Jodie Deal, and the wonderful voices she used when reading it to me)!

We Adore Eloise! ♥ JUNIOR JETSET I probably loved Eloise because unbeknown to me at the time, my sisters and I were spoiled rotten.

Eloise is a little girl who lives at The Plaza Hotel in New York. She is not yet pretty but she is already a Person. Henry James would want to study her. Queen Victoria would recognize her as an Equal.