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Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands.

Spring Evening, Cambridge, England

Trees and plants are one among the best friends of mankind. We just ignore them most of the time. We cut them, scratch them, and ruin them and what they give us back? Of course oxygen, shadow, cooler air etc. the list is really long and we are just...

Seeds for a Really Early Start

Start your organic garden now! There's many seeds that can be started in January, despite it being cold. Grow seedlings now, then transplant to your organic garden.

Tulips at Keukenhof flower garden in Lisse, Netherlands

7 Clever Herb Gardening Tips You Absolutely Love To Try

Lavender plants are one of the world’s most popular garden plants, and why wouldn’t they be? Evergreen, tough as old boots, soft, silvery foliage and gorgeous scented flowers – it truly is a plant for everyone.

Oh my....I love this barn with the colors of fall around it.