This is going in our next house. Laundry room flat drying racks!

Built-In Laundry Drying Racks

Laundry Room.. pull out drying racks - another fun website

Baby gates into laundry drying racks. Now THIS is totally clever! (pinned to upcycled stuff and hh laundry boards) I think this would work SO well, perfect use of old baby gates, and with a minimum of effort. Really genius - I need this!

This ironing board slides out under the counter. Freakin' genius!

OMG... organized for once! This is the "stuff" that is hard to find a perfect place for! It ends up sitting on the floor o f the closet! Drives me nuts.

DIY laundry room drying rack - I just had put this in my rehab idea book too :)

laundry room shelves to hold laundry baskets

Broom mounts for spices. Genius!

Genius!!!! 2nd shower curtain rod used to hang caddies full of toiletries

Nice tight closet laundry room.

Drying racks

Interesting way to store an ironing board.

15 Laundry Tips For When You'd Rather Be Doing Something Else (PHOTOS)

How To Make A Pull-Out Sweater Drying Rack~

A retractable drying rack can pull out when you need it and push back when you don’t.

Hidden Ironing Board