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  • Paige Davanzo

    Neville was never very good with wands and spells and potions, but hand him a sword and he becomes the most badass wizard at Hogwarts. ⚡

  • Kailee Ann

    matthew lewis | this is why the books are so much better... shit like this doesn't happen

  • Leslie Rhoades

    only repinning this to make a point. someone who has read the books would know that a chair and a rock are about as useful as a regular wand at this moment because nagini is a horcrux and we all know that she can only be killed by a powerful magical object, which is obviously neville longbottom...

  • Danielle Stuck

    Harry Potter humor. : )

  • Acacia Rowland

    Truee. #harrypotter

  • Hanin Menchew

    And thus every nerd girl fell in love with Neville if they weren't there already.

  • Rachel Elizabeth

    this is funny, but they're wands wouldn't have done anything to Nagini because it was a horcrux, so Neville had the right idea with destroying it with the sword.

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