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Legend of Grimrock! <3 (By AlmostHuman, http://www.grimrock.net/)

Old school dungeon crawling... love it!

Believe! (6 de Noviembre, :3...)

Diablo 3

Dishonored - Debut Trailer >_>! <3

Zelda / Roguelike / Dungeon crawling full of blood, violence, internet and biblical references. Good stuff.

Final Fantasy Type-0

Super Smash Bros.

The king of the iron fist tournament, xD

Dustforce - Intro

The Elder Scrolls Online - The Alliances Cinematic Trailer

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning A New World to Discover Trailer [HD]

Rise of the Hutt Cartel: First Look Video

Use the force...

VVVVVV (I don't know how many :p) another good try platform game with imho the best 8bit music (ever...)

Hard try & die platform game, very addictive and frustrating