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  • Anna Wiebe

    i think doing this in other peoples bathrooms would be hilarious. this going to be my new hidden talent. (Toilet paper art)

  • Terri Ellis

    Fun idea! I'm totally doing this in other peoples bathrooms. It would be hilarious. this going to be my new hidden talent. Toilet Paper Origami Book

  • Angela B

    Toilet Paper Origami... Fun idea for a guest bathroom

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Learn to make a toilet paper origami boat where the boat is still attached to the toilet paper roll. "What?" you might say, but seriously, this is a cute design which you won't

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Want to make your bathroom tissue fancy for guests? Special "on-the-roll" folding instructions are here!

TOILET~PAPER ROLLS: up'd to Christmas Tree ornaments. Are these cute or what? They’re actually just cardboard toilet paper rolls, painted in bright colors and decorated with black permanent markers. One end of the roll is simply pinched to create the owl’s ‘ears’ – a fun and easy project for both kids and adults. FORGET GOING TO A BIG BOX STORE and piling a cart high with cheap, mass-produced holiday decorations made in China. Help the Earth and create lasting memories with the kids.

I so want to do this at someone's house. :P Probably my in-law's. I think they would find it amusing... :P Oh.. and classy. Haha. :D Also want to do it at home... just to see my hubby's reaction... :P

Surprise your guests with these fancy toilet paper folds (or you could do it in other people's bathrooms). What fun and a little crazy!

I am thinking right now how to make it. And I finally did 2/23/13. I used a baby blue fabric with a white thread zig-zag down the middle, it's feminine and pretty.

Links to toilet paper origami tutorials - for when you feel like showing off ;) or channeling your inner Martha!!

Toiletpaper Origami book -- it may not bring about world peace, but what fun to leave a little surprise for the person who comes after you!

Take folding the ends of your toilet paper way beyond triangles. A fun thing to do while visiting friends and family! Leave an artistic reminder of your visit.