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More Union Pacific locomotives, San Francisco, California.

Union Pacific RR - doubt if this was a coaling stop.

Simple Proof. Nick Boyer is a bad ass photographer!

Union Pacific Railroad. What is more American than this?

union pacific railroad | Milepost 988--Union Pacific Railroad eastbound container train led by ...

Union Pacific 844 was one of 10 locomotives that were ordered by Union Pacific in 1944 and designated as class FEF-3. The FEF-3 class represented the epitome of dual-service steam locomotive development; funds and research were being concentrated into the development of diesel-electric locomotives. Designed to burn coal, they were converted to run on fuel oil. Like the earlier FEF-2 class, FEF-3 locomotives were designed as passenger engines.

pacific union trains | ... sent to us was: "Union Pacific Railroad announced today that it has