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I already have one under my right clavicle. Considering a second in the same area.

Neat place for dermals.. but would suck in the winter!

This is so adorable and it's small! I love it! Would probably get it done on both sides

If my new dermal works out this might be the next place i get one

i deff want these .. i wonder if they would get caught on everything though ..

Grade 23 Titanium Black Mustache Dermal Top | Body Candy Body Jewelry

Apparently when you get piercings like this they push the fat and muscle out and stick this thing in it and then screw the piercing in. Sounds kind of brutal. I've heard it doesn't hurt though.

Dermal on back of neck. I want one here!! My dermals are my favorite piercings!! So cute and you'd only see it when my hair was up. hmmm