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  • Marcia MacIntire Barnaby

    I started with a large hoop to keep the work close where I could see well while working. Check out other quilts to see what kind of design you might want to use. My first one had birds, so I quilted around each bird and the buckets they were perched on. I could carry the hoop with me to the work area I was comfortable in that day. There are quilting patterns on a roll that you follow the lines for the borders, that might be helpful to get you started. I joined a quilting book club and read an amount of books and experimented. When I joined my guild there was also a wealth of experience there and everyone is very willing to help out. Sometimes people stay behind to pin or baste a quilt on the big tables there after the meeting. There is always someone who is willing to stay and help,

  • Linda Byrd
    Linda Byrd • 2 years ago

    This is a bit odd, but instead of a thimble I use an old earring which is curved and is about 1/2 inch wide and about 3/4 inch long. It is textured so the needle does not slip, and the curved shape matches the curve of my finger. I just clipped off the earring post with wire clippers, and I adhere it to my finger with double-stick tape. No more sore fingers from I'll-fitting thimbles!

  • Cindy Kevorken
    Cindy Kevorken • 2 years ago

    I love hand quilting but I am also extremely proud of my machine quilting. It is also an art and should not be criticized in a negative manner.

  • Candie Chatham
    Candie Chatham • 2 years ago

    I have bought many different thimbles and can never seem to find one that I can become comfortable using. I have tried leather, open ended metal types, closed ended metal types and I have also used just the hard plastic sticky back dots. I find that it is hard to feel what the needle is doing. This doesn't allow me to get even stitches. Is this something that will just take practice and eventually I will learn to feel with the thimble in place? Because I have done some form of hand sewing since I was a very small child so I am no stranger to a needle and thread but have never seemed to be able to get the hang of a thimble through any of my adventures with yarn, string or thread! All I end up with are terribly pricked fingers where I have to put my work down for a few days and let my fingers heal some before I can pick them back up to work again. I do machine piece my tops and send out a lot of them to be long arm quilted but I have pieces that I want hand quilted as well.

  • Lynda Hall
    Lynda Hall • 2 years ago

    It takes a lot of practice, and you will get pricked but the fingers and thumb build up a callus and after a while you don't bleed and it doesn't hurt anymore. Sounds like fun, huh! The thing I have learned is to move slow, when you are pushing the needle with your middle finger on top, allow your thumb to move as a unit. Also don't be as concerned with making small stitches at first, as making even stitches. Now and then, I still have to un-sew some of my stitches if they don't look even or I am not satisfied with them for whatever reason. The thing is to keep at it and you will improve. I chose the Roxanne thimble because it is supposed to be more ergonomically sound. It is thicker than other thimble, and takes some getting use to, but I really like it now. It has dimples deep enough to grab and control the needle. I did find another brand at HQF this year that felt really good on and was a beautiful thimble. Couldn't justify the cost this year. Maybe next.

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