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  • tariq qureshi

    The-Gate-of-the-great-Umayyad-Mosque-Gustave-Bauernfeind - (19th century Jewish Orientalist painting depicting a ummayyad mosque so circa 650-680 AD)

  • Riro Sibilgy

    Gustav Bauernfeind (German , 1848-1904) – The Gate of the Great Umayyad Mosque

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one of the finest in the world....the blue mosque in istanbul.

my youngest brother, the little cheese in the family :)

rug seller in the ottoman empire times in turkey...

largest turkish doner kebab in the world, made it to the gluiness book of world records. stood 5 meters high and weighed 1.2 tonnes.

eski devirlerde karapapak...

one day I will have them eating out of my hand..

king parrots visit our garden most days.

2 nd pic...

north coast of the sea of marmara in turkey.

turkish kebab platter.....the best in the world.

Suleymaniyye Mosque in Istanbul.