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    separating egg yolk & white

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    • Augustine Irion

      How to separate an egg white from the yolk. Genius! Unless you're fluent in Chinese, just watch the video and you'll get the idea!

    • Beth Garvin

      How To Separate Egg Yolk With Plastic Bottle. I can't wait to find a recipe where I need to separate egg yolks/whites

    • HellaWella

      Unusual way to separate egg yolks from egg whites: Crack an egg into a bowl. Gently squeeze an empty plastic water bottle, and hold it over the egg yolk. It should suck up just the egg yolk, allowing you to transfer it to another bowl. Totally not worth the time or effort, but kind of fun to watch.

    • Sena Adelman

      Use a plastic bottle to separate egg yolk from egg white. Wow, it's so easy, it's amazing it hasn't been thought of before.

    • Kelli Larson

      Separate egg yolks and egg whites. So clever! Crack and empty the whole egg into a bowl. Then using an empty plastic water bottle, squeeze it a little bit, and suck the yolk into the bottle and transfer to another bowl. The video is in Chinese, but the demonstration is straightforward.

    • Carolyn Sanders

      How to separate egg yolk and egg whites using a plastic bottle. Where has this information been all my life?

    • Kaycee Johnson

      Separate egg yolk from white in seconds using a water bottle as a vacuum! Very cool! No English in the video, so just watch.

    • Amber Holland

      How To Separate Egg Yolk With Plastic Bottle - You don't need Chinese to English translation... just watch!

    • Mary Brown

      How to separate an egg white from yolk. Disregard all the writing and foreign language, just watch the video. You will get the idea.

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