witches curtains... black plastic/garbage bags

Oh my heck..... these would be so simple to do a must on my list.The Deadwood Cemetery: Witch jars now in production for 2011

SIX SPIRITED HALLOWEEN DIYS #halloween #party #pumpkin #costume #diy #fall


Use silica gel packets to keep pumpkins from molding during Halloween time! WHO KNEW!

How to make your own witch shoes using tin foil and tape....genius!

Leopard Ducktape Pumpkin!

This is not funny. Witches are nice people and black cats are beautiful. So many die every day because of superstition. This is not a joke. It is real. I have been promoting black cats for a long time now. Love a black cat and get rid of superstition about them. Christianity has ruined black cats in Medieval times and still to this day. It was Christians who burned and drowned Witches because they did not follow Christian ways. Open your heart and save a life. Theincensewoman

How to make a cheap plastic cauldron look old and spooky...

Spider egg sac

My Halloween wreath with raven and chains from the Dollar Store...

DIY Halloween: The Bat Mobile...I could see other stuff hanging from that tree branch too...like flowers for a spring motifuff.hanging from that

How to make a " witche's" broom.

Witch's brooms lit and lined along the walkway... I love this idea

Cauldron with 1) Fog Machine, or 2) dry ice and water. http://blog.homeseasons.com/2011/10/21/diy-smokey-halloween-witchs-cauldron/

Scary eh? Here’s what you might get. A spooky group of zombie kids standing in front of your house or in your yard will surely scare off sol...

Lol! Perfect

Fog curtain! poking holes in a PVC pipe and attaching it to the end of a fog machine then hanging it gives you a fog curtain. And an added bonus of projecting on to it makes it look AWESOME!

Fun Halloween idea!!

Halloween body bag from recyclables.

Witch Hat Table Centerpieces~ These look easy to make. Great idea to put them on candlesticks. @Kristján Örn Kjartansson Jarchowán Örn Kjartansson dean